Filled order not showing on system

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by maltatrader, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. I just had a strange order execution on GS trader.

    I had a limit sell order in to sell FESX, price touched the level but didnt fill the order. Price then moved lower a tick and I cancelled the order. I then got an error message saying 'order rejected'

    I checked and I had no open position showing on my platform, no open p&l and no indication at all that there was anything untoward.

    Not having had this error message before I called the dealing desk, I was surprised to hear that I was short 5 contracts. It took a minute or two for them to close the order manually.

    To date all I've been told is that I need to 'keep an eye on my trades' which is pretty difficult if the platform shows you have none.

    My assumption is that perhaps the trade filled just as I hit cancel but the cancel still registered on the platform even though the order was already filled. I would have thought this could have been prevented, anyone else ever experienced this?
  2. Am not familiar with GS Trader, but does it write some sort of trace file (or log file) locally to your machine which records all events, and their timestamps?

    Or does the platform provider keep such a log of all communication with your platform?

    If so, you could review (ask to review) this log.

    Presumably it won't show a trade being done (as you didn't see any sign of one being done), but will show that you later tried to cancel the trade.

    If this is the case, you could use this to argue with the provider that their platform was at fault (because it is doing trades on your behalf but not telling you!)...
  3. They accept the platform was at fault but I'm still being told its up to me to check if I have a trade open.This would involve calling every time I put in or cancelled an order. On this occasion no harm was done but had I not checked it could have wiped me out.

    I sense I would have had a job getting anything out of them. Very worrying, I dont think I'll trade through this platform again until I get to the bottom of it.