Filled after a 30% drop in less than 1 minute

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by m22au, Jun 22, 2012.

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    I shorted ARNA premarket and I covered some of my position below $8 at 9.36am (extremely volatile today) after it traded at $11.62 at 9.35am.

    Although millions of shares traded during those few minutes,
    I am worried that the Nasdaq might bust that trade, and others near the low of the day.

    If the Nasdaq decides to bust that trade (and other similar trades), where would the notification be published on the Nasdaq web site?
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  4. It will not be busted, no worries.
  5. Bob111

    Bob111 would be busted already. free friday night dinner!
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    Thank you atticus and thank you Bob.
  8. Thanks for shorting it, I rode it back up!:)
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    thanks for riding it back up, i shorted it
  10. Why was it not halted it drop 10% in seconds? Surly under SEC rules it should have been?
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