Filing tax return as Trader Status and Mark to Market Election

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  1. Should you report your tax return as a "trader"? That's what I and probably many other traders would like to know.

    I found the following web page that I think has very good information on filing your return as trader status:

    11 pages. Go through them. Very informative I think. It also has references to the IRS's publications on trader taxation.

    Do you qualify to be considered a "trader" in the eyes of IRS?

    As a trader, you would have the benefit of deducting many more expenses than if you are an investor, and not subject to the 2% floor in Schedule A. And they said (seems rather strange but it is the way you do it):

    - File Schedule C to claim all the business expenses. But leave the income as 0. This will show your business has a loss, which will offset your ordinary income, and since you have no income from your Schedule C, you don't need to pay self-employment tax. Only if you elect not to have the "Mark to Market" election. If you elect "Mark to Market", your trading gain will be treated as ordinary income.

    - File all your trading gains in Schedule D as capital gain.
  2. you cant make that decision now for 2008 taxes. you had to declare trader status a year ahead.
  3. Where and how do you declare trader status?
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    You must file IRS form 3115 "Application for Change in Accounting Method" prior to April 15th, 2009 in order to file your 2009 return as MTM next year.
  5. I don't think that is what we are talking about here. Form 3115 is for application for change in accounting method.

    The web page that I referenced specifically said if you file as a trader but NOT electing for "Mark To Market", you report the expenses in Schedule C and the trading gain in Schedule D.

    I don't want to elect for "Mark To Market". I don't hold stocks overnight (I am a day trader), let alone over the tax year. Everything for me is already mark to market.

    I am just not clear if there is a special form that needs to be filled out to be in a trader status.

    Could it be that what you and vhehn are talking about is the "Mark To Market" election.
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    Trader status requires filing for MTM status!

    You need to hire a CPA or do some reading.
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    Why is it a requirement? One is type of business, another one is type of accounting.
  8. From what I have read and my conversations with my trader accounting firm: filing with trader status and electing for "Mark To Market" are two different things.

    Here is one of such pages you can read on the Internet:

    And I quote them:

    Whether or not you are a trader needs to be manifested by your trading activities. You can't just file a form and claim that you are a "trader", and only transact 3 times a year with a substantially long holding period for example.
  9. I did 650 TRADES LAST YEAR, about 6 million dollars worth of trades and made profit. use it as my majority income and 2 days a week.

    I wonder if this would still qualify me? I believe most day trader "Status" people probably do 40-50 tradews a week?
  10. I am not sure if anybody can advice (without consequences) you whether you have trader status. Take a look at this page and decide for yourself:

    Basically there are 2 tests. And I quote:

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