File Synchronization between folders/hard disk

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  1. Usually when I need to check the integrity of a folder vs. an old backup I use the software FileSync by Fileware.

    Here is its features:

    >>By simply specifying source and target folder paths and the file types that you require, FileSync will produce a comparison list of the relevant files showing which need to be copied and in which direction. You then have the option to filter the list, examine specific files for differences and change copy directions before going ahead with the synchronisation process.>>

    This is quite handy since you can copy files according to certain filters or criteria from source to the target, or vice versa.

    However recently my FileSync began to crash as soon as it start to copy the files. The support team did not reply to my inquiries so I'm looking for alternatives.

    - Any idea about a file sync software?!

  2. I am not sure if it can spot file differences within a file, but we use this to sync folders between desktop computers and our servers in our office:
  3. Superflexible did the job! Synctoy is too much basic.Thank you!
  4. da-net


    try great