File sharing...Good or Bad ?

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  1. Okay...I know this doesn't really have anything to do with
    trading stocks or futures, but it is trading and it
    is the weekend! :D

    Here's my dilemma you guys can settle for me:

    If I join one of these file sharing websites to trade mp3s,
    am I...

    1. Doing something that brings humanity closer together?


    2. Are we all just a bunch of thieves trading in stolen property?
  2. both:D
  3. true - 1 & 2 are not contradictory.
  4. Pabst


    I've downloaded a couple of thousand songs, and burned them onto disc. I justify it a few ways.

    1. 80% of what I've downloaded I had bought at sometime in the past. In some cases multiple times i.e. album,cassette, CD

    2. MP3's are not always the greatest renderings possible.

    3. The record companies are the most price fixing, scroungy industry in America
  5. nkhoi


    thank Pabst, I feel a whole lots better already :cool: btw, love that beer.

  6. It's not supposed to be contradictory you
    is good and one is bad...LOL
  7. hmm, how about this one:

    Doing something that brings "a bunch of thieves" closer together, while trading "stolen property"?
  8. beer rules..had 7 tonight and probably drinking at least 10 tomorrow.

  9. LOL...yea, that's good. Thieves need love, too!:D
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