Fight them over there

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  1. Fight them over there so we don’t have to face them here.

    The way I understand this is that the people in charge want to keep American citizens / residents out of the cross fire of opposing forces. To keep guerrilla warfare out of our own cities. Is this true?
    Now forgetting about potential American civilian casualties for a moment.
    Is there a military tactical advantage to fighting in buildings “over there” opposed to “over here”? I don’t think so.
    Could the military do a better job if the insurgency was on their side? I think so.

    Now exchanging the lives of American civilians for the lives of Iraqi civilians by taking the fight to “them”, what morally has changed?
    Are not we, as American civilians, condoning the use of human shields, (those of the Iraqi civilians) by letting our fear of confronting danger here in our own country dictate the decision to carry the war abroad? And thereby creating our own opposing insurgency?
    If we let our fear control our actions, are we not cowards?
    Courage is doing the right / moral thing no matter how afraid we are.

    How are we not a nation of cowards by living by the motto of “Fight them over there so we don’t have to face them here”?
  2. I am watching chickenhawk Bill O'Reilly foaming at the mouth, willing to send young Americans to die on his Christian Jihad against Islam.

    Can't you just see Bill going over to 125 degree heat to kill them terrorists?

  3. Wars will stop when young men refuse to take up weapons and follow whatever orders happen to come down.

    I saw Bill OReilly chasing down a young man who fled to Canada to stay out of the war. Did his best to make such look like rascals. OReilly and such are the rascals.

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    Christian Jihad against terrorism?

    Where in the world do you get off making such a disgusting statement. You are so over the line it is scary. Take a step back and understand what you are saying.

    On a thread where you think people are equating islam with terrorism you say that the terrorist problem is 100% political and no one should claim there is problem with islam. And then on this thread you are saying there is a Christian Jihad on Islam. If it is 100% political why are you stating there is a christian jihad. That is a very religious statement.

    You are twisted and very illogical and wrong.
  5. Bottom line think President Ronald Reagan/Cap Weinburger and ;President Bush/Don Rumsfel did & do a fine job.
    and besides we are winning

    Armed forces recruiting goal are now being met also.
  6. He right on bucko. Ever listened to 1530 MW Talk Radio in CA? The right wing talk show of the Christian Crusades? They are a scary bunch of fanatical christian freaks who make me want to convert from Christianity to Buddhism.
    Yersterday several idiot call in freaks who wanted to Nuke the middle east and one idiot who advocated to "tax" muslims for their fate just like the muslims taxed chirstians during the middle ages.
  7. A proverbial "bullet" is the easiest solution.

    The Iraq situation is an over-reaction of stupid rich men who panic.

    That the USA is getting decimated financially doesn't matter.

    Just as long as the richest Americans and congressmen get to keep their money and continue to support the structure that oppresses the poor.

    Some things never change.
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    The "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them at home" is a false argument.

    What keeps the terrorists from attacking us at "home" is good intelligence and the ability to act on that intelligence. For instance, if you have Daily Briefing that says "Osama Bin Laden determined to strike in the United States" you get up off your butt and do something instead of staying on vacation.

    In fact by fighting over in Iraq we are creating more terrorists, as one Donald Rumsfeld said about a year and a half ago. And we have less resources to spend on protecting America because we are spending billions on this fruitless war.
  9. Why would they bother coming here when we send our young people over there to be killed. A sad, but true, reality.

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    Fight them over there, not over here because it is the job of the American government to protect AMERICANS above and beyond anyone else. Everything else is secondary. The only reason for the Government is to protect its people.
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