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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by dexgreen, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. dexgreen


    Hi all,
    Does anyone know anything about Fidelity's Wealth Lab Pro product version 5.0 which they will release this summer. Fidelity claims you can automate your trading with this though from what I am reading up, its limited. Fidelity says you can do anything you want to do. Any thoughts/insights as to this would be appreciated since I am thinking of using Fidelity.
  2. First, it's available now, although it's still missing a lot of functionality that will be released over the next year or two (or five?).

    If you write your own order management you can do anything you want....

    If you have questions why not post them on the wealthlab forum?
  3. I deinstalled the 5.0 version after seeing that it was useless.

    The old version was difficult to program, but at least it had usefullness.
  4. jibs76


    I've been using WL 5.0 for a little while now, and so far find it to be a very good backtesting tool. The product is not complete yet, but looks promising. IMO, it's much better than the previous version, running quite a bit faster on backtesting.

    I am .NET programmer during the day, so the language for developing scripts comes quite easy to me. If you don't have a backround in .NET programming, you may have difficulty expressing your trading ideas in WL 5.
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    Thanks for your posts. I have been corresponding with the folks at World-Lab (via the forums) and have learned that the version I will want is version 5.1 which is due out next quarter.
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    Sorry ... meant to say Wealth Lab
  7. Hi Bob, do you know if the new language is much different from the old one? I'm learning the older version now and I think WL is a great platform. I guess I should stop if the language is completely different.

  8. Moreagr


    the old lanuage is pascal based it is very different. I believe they changed it to C net for investors/traders with fidlelity accounts. due to the larger based of indidviduals that know C# net. I think many fidelity clients where having problems with the old language and management made the disicion to made it easier to have 3rd party programmer help develop ideas the customers wanted. with a larger following that knew C net plus the added benefits of speed as well.
  9. WL is too slow to execute on futures. I have tried several API for IB but it takes so long. It is a great backtesting tool (MonteCarlo) though.