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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mktman, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Any advantages or disadvanatges to active trader pro versus schwabs cybertrader or streetsmartpro?
    Streetsmartpro is older scaled down version of cybertrader
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  3. mktman


    Terrible experience with IB few years back wouldnt recommend them and they really dont offer a complete package with charting screening watchlists.
  4. False statement....

    Genesis Securities is the Micheal Jordan of brokers right now. I'm still waiting for another broker to even come close.

    *Note the above was not meant to be fact, just an opinion*

    BTW, you can't beat Laser, IB's platfomr is horrible and buggy. C'mon they still use Java, obvious laziness to move over to a Windows API.
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    Jordan is gone now, but "Shaq" is still playin'...

    Look at it this way - if Genesis was any good, IB would have bought 'em out by now! :D