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  1. tval500


    Any Day traders out there using this system ever have an issue with their intraday balances not updating, thereby allowing you to not have the correct info.

    Today I had a huge intra day call that everyone knows no sane trader would execute if he had the correct info. If their system had updated correctly it would not have permitted me to execute it any way. They acknowledged their mistake but said I still had to cover the call,.

    Anybody else experience this issue?

    Thanks TV
  2. verranc


    For all users of Fidelitys Active Trader Pro, beware. Due to a new faulty new version just released last Thursday, streaming of your active stocks (one's which you own) is not working since last Friday. This has significant impact on active traders as you no longer have "real time" pricing.

    In contacting Fidelity they admit they have a programming bug, but cannot let customers know when it will be fixed . You have got to be kidding !! I have also contacted the Fidelity Executive office (617)563-7000 to lodger a complaint and request compensation for loss of dollars by not knowing real time prices.

    Fidelitys response was although they admit they have a serious problem, no date is set for this very serious error plus there will be no compensation. When asked if I can speak to one of their executives, the response was "they don't speak with customers ! Obviously any firm whose executives are not willing to speak with their customers is a firm with little credibility.This is just one of many very bad experiences I have had with active trader pro system and traders.

    I have now filed a complaint with the SEC ( asking for an investigation of Fidelity and their Active Trader Pro system which does not work as advertised.:mad:
  3. shbhanda


    atp pro sucks, but unfortunately i have been using it for a few years now. thanks for registering an official complaint. i made it a point to never download the updates, but unfortunately i did by accident last week and my system has been regularly freezing since then.

    If fidelity would just spend a fraction of what they spend on their stupid ads, on fixing atp, perhaps it could be a good platform, as i am pretty satisfied with fill times and prices.
  4. I actually don't ever recall quick balances in the toolbar updating correctly except in the balances under the accounts tab, and even then, it needed refreshing. Quick balances are not meant to update in real time.
  5. verranc


    this is not a problem with quick balances. This is a problem where change in prices is not streaming which is causing havor among active traders. I have filed a complaint with SEC who has responded that they have now contacted Fidelity. Have you not noticed the problem ?
  6. shfly


    ATP has been very sluggish after the latest upgrade, ver. 9.2.

    I've emailed Fidelity, maybe letting those that want to go back to the prior version, do so...

    Don't expect this to happen, but...maybe...;)
  7. shfly


    Sounds like a patch is forthcoming!

    Dear ...

    Thank you for your email. I am sorry to read of the problems you have experienced with Active Trader Pro (ATP) 9.2. Our Development team is currently aware of this issue and they are working hard to resolve it. There is not an estimated time of resolution, but because this will require some programming changes it may take up to several weeks. However, it may be less depending on the issue that is causing this error. We plan to make a patched version of ATP 9.2 available within the next week. We will send you an alert when this version of ATP is available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Thank you for turning to Fidelity for your investing and trading needs. We appreciate your continued business.


    Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC
  8. verranc


    Thank you for updating . My biggest issue now is being compensated for this significant programming error, the worst I have seen since using ATP now for over 4 years.

    To have Fidelity not compensate traders in some way ( I have requested either money settleement or free trades- both of which have been denied) is appalling. So appalling in fact that I have filed a complaint with the SEC and in turn the SEC has now contacted your compliance department. Look, we all make mistakes but you have to own up to them.

    Fidelity is good at taking all kinds of customer fees but is unwilling to even give some free trades shows a company with little credibility. Having customers so upset as to have to contact the SEC could have been prevented with thinking about the customer.
  9. I don't like your chances for getting compensated.

    I once had an issue with Fidelity... their literature was in error about the load on a mutual fund (said "no load" when in fact there was one). The load charged was $6,000.

    I filed a complaint with the SEC, and it went to arbitration. The arbitrator awarded me $1,000 and basically said, "hey, you made money on the trade so quit bitching"...
  10. verranc


    I cant disagree with you, however we have to pursue the wrongdoings of Fidelity and other brokerage houses who are fast to rake in fees . All we can do is make everyone aware.

    Here is another one, I wonder if everyone realizes that if you "exchange" a Fidelity Fund for another non fidelity fund that the Fidelity transaction happens today, but Fidelity holds the proceeds one more day because you bought out of Fidelity ? If you would have exchanged for another fidelity fund both transactions would complete on the same day. Another scam !
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