Fidelity Active Trader Pro - Anything better out there?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jhuber2, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. jhuber2


    I got recommended Fidelity's Active Trader Pro trading platform. So far I am quite happy with it, but just to have some ideas for the future: Can anybody recommend anything even more sophisticated? Either a different brokerage firm or a professional trading desk? Thanks a lot!
  2. tomcole


    Fidelity's platform has had difficulties in the past, but, IMHO, the fact they answer their phones, are an excellent credit and will fix problems, makes them a standout broker.
  3. If you live outide the USA, you can purchase a copy of Wealth-Lab Developer (Wealth-Lab Pro - without the forced brokerage account from Fidelity) and then use the IB Adapter to trade with Interactive Brokers. The WLD / IB Broker Adapter can be obtained through the following URL:

    Dr. Koch's Web Site

    Any USA resident, not wishing to trade through Fidelity, but who still desires the functionality of Wealth-Lab Developer, must find more creative means for obtaining the Wealth-Lab Developer Software.

    - Spydertrader

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either web site linked above.
  4. I'm playing with NeoTicker this month. It's got a learning curve but looks fairly extensive. I also received some updated manuals on how to use Smart Quant this morning that I haven't thumbed through yet. SQ has a lot of possibilities as well. And of course, I've used Wealth-lab for years.
  5. mss


    I am a very satisfied Wealth Lab Developer user who purchased before Fidelity acquired Wealth-lab. As I understand it, Fidelity has restricted the ability of Wealth Lab Pro and Wealth Lab Developer so that it is not possible to automatically trade with IB with either program unless you purchased Wealth Lab Developer before some date a few years ago. Wealth Lab Pro can only automatically trade with Fidelity. I think the broker adapter that you mentioned is intended to allow Wealth Lab Developer and, possibly, Pro users to access IB backfill but not to trade automatically through IB. Of course, you can take the signals generated by either Wealth-Lab program and trade manually with any broker.