Fidel Castro resigning as president of Cuba

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ASusilovic, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Yea!......... We Win!!.......... Go USA!
  2. ElCubano


    so the rumors were true.... FIDEL is dead....peace
  3. Daal


    ZZZ will be crying today. he wont trade and will take the day off, lets be nice with him for a week
  4. No more of this:

  5. nitro


    LMAO :D :D :D

    nitro :D
  6. nitro


    Buy anything vacation, cruise lines, casinoes, etc. Perhaps REITs. Expect places like DELL and NIKE to find new sources of cheap labor. Great place to retire if you were free to come and go as you pleased.

    Cuba is also rich in sugar cane. Finally, would not be surprised to see Cuba in 20 years the next Israel as far as tech companies go. Europeans and South Americans especially will be highly aggressive there, with Brazil, Spain, Argentina foaming at the mouth.

  7. nitro


    Perhaps infrastructure. Telecom, cement, etc. Would not be surprised to see Comcast or DirectTV have 10 million new customers.

    Univision, TimeWarner, etc..

    Cuba can't afford oil, so companies that make solar panels, wind power, etc... GE...

  8. saxon


    Isn't it remarkable. After 49 years of murdering and torturing, he looks like such a contented old man.

  9. Daruka


    A sad day. Let's hope that his successor will continue Castro's populist policy. The man, together with Hugo Chavez, is one of the few South American leaders I have a great deal of respect for.
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