Fidel Castro Applauds US health care reform

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    Still think we are not on the road to communism?

    Cuba provides free health care and education to all its citizens, and heavily subsidizes food, housing, utilities and transportation...

    Sounds nice until you find out that the average wage is $10 per MONTH...(yes I typed that right...MONTH) You also need government approval to change jobs there.

    So a communist dictator is very happy with Obamas policies. That speaks volumes, dont you think? I hope your children enjoy their government appointed jobs 20 years from now. Just Obama voters were the ones that put them in that position.
  2. We already have a socialized medicine system, it is called Medicare. UK, France, Singapore and most western European nations also provide universal coverage without being communist states. They do so at much lower cost and better result of care than the US.

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    I'll worry about communism in the US when the top 1% of its population does not own 42.7% of the financial wealth and the bottom 80% doesn't own just 7.0% of that wealth (2007 figures). Oh, and when that 1% is not in and out of government like through a revolving door.

    Edit: am I saying life here is bad? No. But I'm not worried about communism.
  4. Why wont you quote this bit :confused:

    In Thursday's essay, Castro called Obama a "fanatic believer in capitalist imperialism" but also praised him as "unquestionably intelligent."
  5. Hmm...I wonder how they do it...I wonder how they provide medicine for all the violent nearly 1 million active gang members that are always needing hospitalization from fights, the 12 million illegal immigrants that never have health care but get free emergency room treatment, or the millions of junkies needing meds, or rehab...oh thats right...WE have those statistics, not them, not to mention we are the fattest country in the world which is also detrimental to our health care system.

    So of course, if you stand an athelete next to a chain smoking, fat guy, of course the athlete is going to have cheaper health costs.
  6. Wrongheaded thinking.

    You should be concerned about the increasing difficulty that ( 80% of the population) has in escaping from the snare of the govt safety net.

    The gubbermint keeps making it harder & harder to escape dependency
    on it.