Fiction books about trading, traders, markets etc

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    There is a thread running at the moment about trading and movies.

    This got me thinking. What are your favorite FICTION books about traders, trading, markets etc.

    You know, the sort of books you would read when you want to get away from the fray....but not TOO far away :)

    To get the ball rolling here is a sample of what I have on my bookshelves that I would recommend:

    Traders (William Brashler)
    The Billion Dollar Sure Thing (Paul Erdman)
    The Silver Bears (Erdman)
    The Crash of 79 (Erdman)
    The Panic of 89 (Erdman)
    The Bonfire of the Vanities (Wolfe)
    Bombardiers (Po Bronson)
    Free to Trade (Michael Ridpath)

    Anything else???
  2. Most Stephen Frey books, in particular The Takeover.
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    Here is another that I found on a dusty shelf:

    "Cosmopolis" by Don Delillo"

    Weird....but a fun read.

    A billionaire asset manager, trying to get across town in his stretch limo to get a haircut, while trading the yen.