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  1. I need to get a basic understanding of Fibs and how to implement them in my personal TA, specifically with potential tops and bottoms. Instead of searching through countless websites, does anyone know where I can obtain some basic information? Chart examples would be great. I really appreciate the help.

  2. An inexpensive method to learn fibs is to listen to the recordings on to Joe Dinappoli, he is one of the best on fibs. You might be able to get a trial. Fib only works in a directional market, in a choppy market you will get chopped up real bad.
  3. Hi T,

    Here's a basic overview of Fibs that are free in QuoteTrader:

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    ... also, here's a link to some support videos where there's a section on various other TA available free in QuoteTrader


    Brent Threadgill
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  4. here's how I use fibos
  5. Thanks to everyone for the info.