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    can anybody give me a justification for why fibonacci numbers have any use at all in trading? From a physical standpoint they are way overblown as some sort of magical series, see

    Since they have no super special place in nature, then why in the markets?
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    Sometimes I can prove they don't literally mean a lot and then somebody comes along and does something amazing with them. I just have never taken the time to dig in with fibs. There is some software (Advanced Get?) that is said to be very good. I sat in a traders office and watched his Tradestation charts projecting "wavefronts" based on fibs in realtime, the accuracy was downright unreal. I never got the details of what he was doing, he was finding trades that no system I have to this day can find however.

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    The problem with Fibs is that it is not a totaly solved science. The day someone cracks this code, they would not only rule the markets but also the whole world. Fibonacci behavior is behind the moving of the planets which influence our every breath. All planets are within our bodies as strong or weak depends on their positing at the time of birth.
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    In addition, our bodies grow in the Fibonacci ratios and shows how strongly the numbers are behind everything around.
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    Oh boy, we got one here.
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    fibonacci is solved, it's just a mathematical series. as for its connection to anything mystical in the physical world i believe the link i gave dispells that BS as well as anything i could say
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    Yes, because rogue experts with internet pages hold the real key to truth and knowledge.

  8. The human eye and mind are wired to see and feel beauty. Patterns that look pretty are generally related by fib numbers.

    It is pure coincidence what the numbers are. It is all about what our mind likes to see and how the mind likes to feel.

  9. "why fibonacci numbers have any use at all in trading" ?
    for some they do, and for some they don't, but note, it's the ratio, not a number series derived from the ratio that's the more useful for projecting accurate future price targets.
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