Fibonacci Trader

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    Could any users share some charts and how you use this charting program? It has some unique indicators.

    I am posting this thread as I am thinking of getting it. I trade Futures.

    Michael B.
  2. cdbern


    I only use the retracement. Works in the mornings with very few exceptions. Don't expect a retracement in the afternoon session. Before investing your money, get the freebe first and learn all you can. Might not be suited to you and you'll be throwing your money down the drain.

  3. I downloaded the trial version after I read the 15 FibTrader Journals and watching the WDGann Treasure Discovered Video,in my opinion the software is over rated.
  4. traderob


    It does look interesting Michael. Let us know how it goes. the fact that they offer a free trial and you can rent it on a monthly basis is good.
  5. Try Ensign as well and let me know. I currently use an Ensign and it's great.
  6. traderob


    I use ensign: what has it got to do with the fibtrader?