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  1. Fibonacci Trader Workshop with Dennis Bolze and special presentation by Thom Hartle - May 1-3, 2004
    Fibonacci Trader Workshop with Dennis Bolze and special presentation by Carolyn Boroden - Sept 18-20, 2004

    These DVDs are the real deal, I bought them from and they retail for $545 each, that's almost $1,100 for both workshops. They also come with workbooks which are in very good shape.

    Here is a brief description of the materials (copied from

    May 2004 in Orlando
    3 DAYS FIBONACCI TRADER WORKSHOP, with Dennis Bolze, and special quest speaker Thom Hartle.
    8 DVDs plus workbook
    price : US$545.00

    Learn about the odds in trading, then experiment with money management... learn how to shift the odds in your favor. Learn stop placement and targets, and how to design this trading plan to fit your style of trading and risks. See a real-time live trading demonstration from open until close! Have a clearer idea of how to trade, how to develop a trading plan and backtest it, and how to find the safe low risk entry for a trade.

    September 2004 in Denver
    11 DVDs plus workbook
    price : US$545.00

    Do you struggle with order execution? Do you find yourself adjusting your charts during the day and missing a trade, and wonder why? do you have a few losers in a row and can't take the next trade, then sit there and watch it make a profit, and wonder why you didn't take the trade? This workshop is designated for you. You will see live trading, real-time! Learn real-trading techniques from real-traders using real-time trading during a trading day!

    Any questions, please feel free to PM me. Any serious offer over $450 will be considered.


    P.S. - I know many may wonder - why are you selling? Doesn't it work, etc.? I used the methods and was up slightly over the given time period, but by the time I found this the wind had pretty much been knocked out of my sails. I believe that if you can devote yourself to this methodology it would be pretty hard to end up a net loser. Prior, I lost quite a bit following woodies cci. That was my fault for sticking with the cci for so long. Honestly, if I had used what's on these DVDs sooner things may have been dramatically different. I'm not involved in daytrading any longer and these have been sitting in a drawer that I just cleared and figured someone may be able to use the info. It's good solid information on daytrading the futures markets.
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    the first spyder's journal start on 09-25-04. you could have devote yourself to this methodology it would be pretty hard to end up a net loser.
  3. Now you tell me??? :D

    Yeah, hindsight is always 20/20. Live and learn...
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    the very first line said,
    you could have missed the first post but the thread was always on the top 10 day after day. My mistake in 2000 was following raging bull instead of ET.
  5. 1) I was joking, hence the smiley face. I was doing woodies cci back in 2003. The journal you refer to began in 2004.

    2) Spydertrader's journal was about equities, these DVDs are about the futures markets. And yes, I realize that Spy now has a futures trading journal.

    3) I hope that you've corrected your mistakes and are now profitable.

    These DVDs offer a different approach than Jack Hershey methods which some find a bit confusing.

  6. Despie the title, the methodology doesn't revolve around fibonacci analysis.

    Solid day trading info. If you are struggling, these DVDs might be for you.
  7. The DVDs are sold. Mods, please close thread if neccessary.

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    Anyone out there ready to resell these 2 items?
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    OMG!!! This guy is like the most trust worthy person ever. He had been sounding the alarm about Woddie's shady dealing for years. The only reason I didn't go to his free trading seminar was I was busying learning Jack's stuff. Wow! speechless! mouth agape! etc...
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