Fibonacci Projections?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by crgarcia, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. How you use the Fibonacci Gann projections?
    The projections change and projections retrace?

    Are the zig-zag lines non predictive? Like the zig-zag indicator which helps clarify past swings but not helps to forecast the future?
  2. I use fibs to come up with target projections. If it is an abc correction, the C wave will make it to the 100% level. If it is the start of a new trend the wave three will hit the 161.8 level. I never stay in to find out if their will be a fourth or fifth wave because the fifth wave is too unreliable.
  3. re. Zig-Zag: you need one that shows price range of each swing. See "Universal Swing Tool", it's free.

    See free fib. videos:
    Carolyn Boroden:
    Mark Braun:

    They are into extensions & projections...and swing symmetry.