Fibonacci Levels on Tradestation 7

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Ebo, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Does anybody have The Easy Language for plotting Fibonacci levels on Tradestation 7 for Support/Resistance. I am looking to click on a High/low point and view FIB Retracement lines.
    I am surprised they did not include this indicator.

  2. In V6 it was in the Drawing Tools - called "Support/Resistance" or something like that. It's a 'sketched' or 'drawn' item, like trendlines, not an EasyLanguage code you apply. If I remember correctly it's fairly adaptable.

    (FYI: No longer a TS6/7 user - went back to 2000i)
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    Thanks Gentlemen!

    I know about the drawing tool.
    I was looking to lot them on my charts.

  5. Perhaps I don't understand your question. The two previous suggestions on using the Support/Resistance drawing tool (TS' name for it) will accomplish what you asked.

    Are you looking for a EL code to run? I've never seen one that allows you "to click" a point on the chart interactively.

    If you're looking to automatically plot single, or multiple, Fib Retracements I've never seen or heard of a code floating around to do such. Identifying critical highs and lows in a code can be tricky. Perhaps one could start from the canned automatic trendline tool code in TS and add the Fib line plots?
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    I am all set.