Fibonacci- Coincidence?

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  1. Fibonacci numbers: 1 3 5 8 13 21 34 55...

    Yesterday we saw a 3% decline on the S&P500 to 1360.6,near enough the 1364 pivot. 3 is a fib number.The intraday high on May 19 was 1440- 2 points off the 1338 pivot.Why is that significant?- yesterday is 13 trading days from May 19.Coincidence? Maybe. Here's another 'coincidence' The open on April 1st was 1326.4,near the 1327 pivot. April 1st- May 19 = 34 trading days,34 is a fib number. And my point is? well,no great secrets revealed but it's interesting.
  2. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated. Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy, and Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.

    Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm not taking any chances. I have a list of the secretaries of all important people who were killed. Before I hire a secretary I HAVE to make sure her name is not on the list.:D
  3. The 1st reply (fib no) my blog has that word in the title -'holygrail'-coincidence?!
  4. It's too bad Baron does not have a 'zero' rating for threads.

  5. No need for that, just add fuck fibonacci to your list.