fiber optic in chicago

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  1. hey guys i'm moving in a few months and decided i want to live somewhere that i can get the best fiber optic setup to my apartment. over google the only thing i can find is verizon but i was just wondering if anyone already has fios to their apartment in chicago who has worked well and if you have to be in the loop for it or if i could live in wrigleyville / lincoln park- merry christmas


  2. I highly doubt you can get fios in an apartment, it's not wired for it.
  3. i figure there are some apartments inside the loop that have to be on the same block as commercial stuff- how much can it really cost to get hooked up? and i'm willing to choose where i live based on availability so i do understand it might be a problem... but let's be optimistic, thanks for the reply though

    merry christmas

  4. really does no one use fiber optic?
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    At what speeds are you looking at for fiber optics?
  6. i'd like to get atleast 30 / 15 - i mean the faster the better, less delay = miss what you want less
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    I've traded on a 256 Kbps and currently on a 3 Mbps. Doesn't seem to make a difference in terms of order execution. *lol*
  8. Ya know, it really doesn't. It's not as if getting the last ES print is so data intensive that bandwidth matters.

    As far as competing with auto-arbs, well you'll NEVER be faster than them.
  9. well i trade between 6,000 and 10,000 bond futures across the curve daily and i think it is laughable if you think execution speed doesn't matter.
  10. I've traded even more Bonds than you in Chicago so I'm not a rube from Kansas dude. If you're also executing on espeed (and you'd better) then yea you need pipes. But ECBOT from Chicago? Any broadband is good enough. Unless you're trading cash vs fut you should never lose the turn because of latency issues.
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