fib confluence on Nortel

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bufferman, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Hey,

    I am considerably new at this and to be honest this is the first confluence that I did myself. What do you guys think of it.
    I will, of course, look for candlestick reversal pattern at that point.

    But any suggestions whether the analysis was done correctly or not. The confluence is at the 7.16-7.19 price range btw.

  2. i think this is cake because there's also like 3 runaway gaps that need to be filled. the only question is whther its gonna get to your cherry shorting area before retracing.
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    Hi Bufferman,
    I can see one possible extension fib at $7.17 but that's about it. Where did you get your fib confluence numbers? Nortel is hitting its 2 year high now so it can't be based on a bounce off of lows. Please give specifics on how you arrived at confluence in this area. Thanks.

  4. I just measured the extensions from the range that it was in.
    There were 4 extensions that came together:

    Which lows are you talking about when you say it can't be based on bounce off of lows?
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    The market seemed to think so!!
  7. might be a fibo retracement ...

    if this is not "old news" or if it has not been discounted

    in recent days