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    Can anybody share their good/bad experience on the following softwares?

    1) Roy Kelly's Fibonacci Confluence Indicator
    2) Bernie Mitchell's Fibonacci Cluster Software
    3) Steve Matrix's Fibonacci Cluster Locator
  2. I would steer clear of Matrix, he was busted by the CFTC several years back. I haven't heard of any of those fib softwares. I have heard of Carolyn Borden and Robert Kraus, I believe it is, whom both us fib cluster. Then there is Nexgen, but whew expensive!
  3. Yaeh Nexgen is about 7 grand looks cool but 7K is a shit load has anyone tried it out on here. I checked the software reviews but nothing there probably because no one here makes enough cash to afford it? (That will get me flamed!!!) Apart form stock Bloke who has been long with 1942
  4. should say long since 1942 (sorry)
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    Carolyn Boroden is selling a Fibonacci Time and Price Video for $595
    Has anybody find it usefull in their trading?
  6. Carolyn Boroden uses Dynamic Trader:
    DT has the most fibo tools I know of; several fibo indicators have
    been written for MetaTrader 4 — primarily forex and many other
    programs accept user designed fibo indicators

    personally I prefer drawing fibos manually since imo the use of
    HH - LL or H/LC and start/end points is subjective, as well one
    might use a H - H, L - L measure etc; transfering fibo info from
    one timeframe to others to produce clusters is easily done using
    a horizontal/vertical trendlines