Fiat, The Company That Aspires to Take Toyota Out, Is Worth Net 5.5 Billion

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  1. Fiat Motors Is Worth Only $5.5b

    By Edward Niedermeyer
    May 6, 2009

    Considerare l’aritmetica, asks Rob Cox at Sure, the Chrysler freebee deal has sent Fiat stock soaring, but if you strip away the non-auto components of the Fiat group and factor in the firm’s $8b in debt, and what’s left is worth only $5.5b according to Cox’s math. Which means Fiat will face some major challenges in cobbling together its 5m annual global sales empire, a fact we’ve already explored here. And based on Chrysler’s insatiable appetite for taxpayer dollars, Fiat’s going to have a tough time just feeding the cash-burn beast.

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  2. Just put Chrysler on Chapter 7 and be done with it.