Fiat Has An Edge

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  1. They're gonna tear up the auto world if gas prices stay high and they import the Fiat 500 to the U.S. - it has passed stringent safety tests, and the models get anywhere 44 mpg (mixed) to 68 mpg (mixed).

    "The engines are also frugal with the two petrol versions due to return an average 44.8mpg and 55.4 mpg while it is claimed the diesel will cover a wallet-pleasing 67.3mpg."

  2. lol GM owned 50% of fiat or something like that, I remember pretty recent. They ended up actually paying fiat to get out of that due to a complicated structure.
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    The most fun car i ever owned was a fiat spyder coupe in the early seventies. A beautiful handling and running sports coupe. But Unfortunately Fiat was never able to get their act together in the US and always lacked dealer and parts support.
    So i have my doubts that they can get it together now.

    They did mange to sell themselves to GM and than make GM pay them over 900 million to get out of the deal. Just another one of a long string of absolutely brilliant business decisions made by GM in recent years.
  4. This car has gotten rave reviews in Europe. Quality and reliability wise, too.

    It's a chick's car, but it has better mpg than the Prius.
  5. What happens to the car if you get into an accident with an SUV? :cool:
  6. The same thing that would happen if you had been driving a Miata, Mini Cooper, Smart Car, Honda Fit or Nissan Versa, etc.

    The law of gross tonnage, baby!
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    plus FIAT owns Ferrari ;)
  8. But what are you going to do about the unfavorable exchange rate vs Euro? :D
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    No problem. Fiat will make cars in Mississippi using un-unionized minimum wage workers. Never forget: America was built on cheap labor!