FIA filing to see who was on Air Force 1

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  1. This morning, at least one news organization and one citizen advocacy group was mulling filing a Freedom of Information Act request seeking the release of the manifest for the Air Force One New York flyover to determine if any Obama donors or other interested parties were on board the flight.

    The White House is already on record as saying that only Air Force personnel were on Air Force One. Yesterday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters: "I'm told that -- keep in mind this was a -- this was two training missions that, in the end, became a picture mission, which the President having quite clearly called today a mistake and one that he will ensure doesn't happen again. Because this was a training mission, the only people on that plane were Air Force personnel."

    But there are suspicions there is more to it. "This is a bigger deal than the White House is letting on, and there are some nervous people there, and I'm not clear why," says the former transition team member. "If I were still advising them, I'd say live up to the transparency pledge and release all the documents. But from the get-go, this was a top secret operation, which raises a whole bunch of red flags."

    I wouldn't be surprised if Obama was on the plane. Why else have it tracked by an F-16??
  2. I want to know where the guy taking the 'photo' was!?
  3. He might have had his old bomber buddy Ayers on it. Sort of payback for helping him write his book and of course hosting campaign events at his house.

  4. another terrorist hippie, that Ayers.
  5. Another issue that I predict the mainstream media will have absolutely zero interest in. Very odd episode, no matter what the explanation.