FIA Convention in Chicago in October

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  1. Anyone going?

    Expo 2009 - 25th Annual Futures & Options Expo, Chicago

    Expo, held each fall in Chicago, is the largest futures industry event in the world. More than 4,500 people visit the exhibit hall that showcases the latest products and services. Seminars address brokerage issues, trading systems and strategies, and operations and technology.

    Attendees: 4,500/30+ countries
    Exhibit booths: 150
    Dates: October 20-22, 2009
  2. Anybody have a free pass?
  3. Ask at your clearing firm. All the better if it's Chicago-based. :cool:
  4. Exhibits only pass is only $50, fyi.
  5. "only?"
  6. Imagine all of the free pens, coffee mugs, key rings, t-shirts and mouse pads you can get! :cool:
  7. Imagine all the phone calls you'll receive from companies willing to service your trading business.

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!! +1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We get to spend a few hundred roundtrip to Chicago, hotel, meals, $50 entrance..

    All for the pleasure of being spammed, postal mailed, and called with hundreds of "we met at Convention... Let me remind you again about our cannot-miss offer!!"

    Not to mention meeting a lot of people who cannot make money trading, so would prefer to sell you hardware, software, trading methods, subscriptions, data access, etc. etc. etc. to help YOU make money.

    And meet hundreds of unemployed financial-services ex-employees wandering around, handing out business cards and resumes...

    Hold Me back...
  9. so how was it?

  10. LOL, look at the date :p
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