FHM Magazine closing

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  1. "At one time, it was new and different to see a celebrity posing in these revealing photos," said Toni Fitzgerald, the managing editor of Media Life magazine. "Now you can go to Google and get a million images like that."

    <img src="http://a.abcnews.com/images/Entertainment/ht_fhm_061213_sp.jpg"

  2. Damn, did britney spears just destroy the market? Will Ralph be far behind?

    These mags are the fairy floss equivelant of a billion and one womans mags, "Oprah for men" full of rubbish and grossly overpriced at that, given the actual lack of booty.

    Did they hire college kids to write their material? Seems so; if they put out a magazine, full of articles as good as the venerable playboy has over time, id probably buy it, even without the booty.

    Some people do actually read the articles, im sure.
    Magazines like this exist, i think, because trying -to- be- sophisticated youths need something they can throw on their coffee table, without it being blatant porn, which is stashed under the bed as always.

    And a copy of time magazine just doesnt pass muster, someone might ask them about an article not involving sport or booty.
    This can be very embarrassing for this consumer group.
  3. how many people actually paid for their FHM subscriptions? it isnt hard to find free subscription offers for fhm, maxim, stuff, etc..

    i had subscriptions to all three for several years and i never paid a cent.
  4. Care to share where/how you get these for free?