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  1. mgrund


    Does anyone know why the Bund's volume has dropped so much?Does nobody intraday scalp trade it anymore actively?Or just shit on their hands and position trade?
    I know that ALGO's/blackboxes have killed off the active scalping locals,but not so much the volume is this low- Whats happened?

    Not even 175k contracts have traded by 11am GMT.-WTF??
  2. ixus


    There is low volume across ALL products on ALL exchanges this morning. Give me ONE product where there is a larger then usual volume at this time today.

    If you're not having any success in the market at this time of day maybe you shouldn't trade during this period.

    Also, constantly posting about this in multiple threads will just lead to people ignoring you.
  3. mgrund


    I never said anything about there being low voulme today in particular.I mean generally-like yesterday and the day before that- FGBL volume has not passed the 300k mark by 12pmGMT everyday for the past 2 weeks.

    I also never said anything about success, so no idea where you got that from.I just want to know what fellow Bund traders are doing? ( as obviously not actively trading as the volume reflects).Is everyone just staring at the order book ( like dummies) and doing 2 trades a day?
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    ps-Are any position traders LONG looking fior the contract high of 140.23 to break and trigger some big stops around the 140.42/45 level ?
  5. Well, someone's been lifting 142 calls in the bund recently, so looks like there are people out there who think it goes higher.
  6. TsunTzu


    Its because of the 11 year solar cycle.

    Its very highly correlated.
  7. mgrund


    Lets hope so,I have just placed an intraday LONG position,hoping those stops will be triggered before todays close
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    Are these Bunds going to break the 140.23's guys? Hope so.
  9. mgrund


    The problem that we have, is the human traders ( point and click guys) no longer actively scalp, turning out 1000's of Round Trips a day- those days are long gone ( died around 2005/2006).What the Human intraday traders now do is position trade and look on a longer term timeframe with a view of taking 30 ticks with a wide stop of say 10 ticks, as to avoid the algo " noise".This type of trading obviously significantly reduces the volume, as it has on the EUREX.

    Also the human cannot actually see where the "real market" is due to the latency of both the human brain and not being co-located at the Equinix data centre in Frankfurt, and hence are at a disadvantage, which again reduces volume-As who wants to play on a unlevel playing field?Only a mug would do that.

    The combined volume of both the BOBL and BUND as of 10.20 am (GMT ) has not even reached 500k contracts- utter Dogshit for active scalping- its a dead mans game.

    I have adopted by position trading and just put a stop in x ticks from the market with a target in place , and walk away from my screen.

    Hoping these 140.39's will break to trigger the stops placed around 140.56/59
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    What a load of total dogdirt this BUND has been today.I know payrolls was pretty much in line with expectations.However, 400k contracts traded by 3.30pm GMT is shocking.Thats pretty much it for the day now then as it totally dies at 4pm.May as well have stayed in bed.

    Anyone any idea why its been such dogdirt?
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