FFIV getting ready to run again

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  1. looks ready to breakout here

    BREAKOUT WATCH for possible breakout above 95.56, no resistance in area just above.
    Type: True breakout from triple resistance.
    Target: 101.9, 9.4% Stop: 91.23, Loss: 2%, Profit/Loss ratio: 4.7 : 1 - Excellent

    CURRENT PRICE 93.1, at resistance, 94.13 ± 1.41, type triple, strength 10

    RESISTANCE ABOVE +10.5% at 102.9 ± 1.54, type single, strength 3

    SUPPORT BELOW -2.5% at 90.75 ± 1.36, type double, strength 10


    source: <a href="http://www.stockconsultant.com/consultnow/basicplus.cgi?symbol=FFIV"><u>FFIV at StockConsultant</u></a>
  2. The Chart is screaming it wants back above $100, usually FFIV once she has past $100 moves to her own beat. I don't know where I come up with my price models, when I posted a couple of weeks ago on the TSLA board and said it was heading to $170-$180 by mid September, this was looking from over 28 years of reading charts and testing my daily volume and trading 'adjusted close" of the stock and chasing Mo-Mo stocks my whole life.

    FFIV looks great, do you mind if I ask you your thoughts on HOMB and RAD? I have been holding RAD for months now, I bought once they came out with their earnings blow-out, we all thought it was going to be a modest loss and we had earnings for the first time in years. What do you think of RAD, if you only have time to look at it.

    FFIV is on my watch list with Esignal, has not moved from it for years, I have had some good times with FFIV and some odd times when I thought EPS would be a blow-out Q! It's looking good of late, I hope my liking this stock won't be a kiss of death :)
  3. NY_HOOD


    I have followed this stock for years and made alot of money with it but also lost alot as well. This stock can have a mind of its own and make very abrupt moves that dont make sense.
    I agree its been strong as well as VMW.
    FFIV is not for the faint of heart, it can turn on a dime without warning and drop fast and furiously. Im speaking from experience. Cant argue with the chart though.
    I would also be watching CTXS .
  4. No need to do a Chart on RAD, she is looking good. Up another $1.10 or 20% since I thought I could use a second opinion. That's what kills me every time, I need to focus like you do, on our own picks and not allow noise to interrupt or thoughts.

    Most high dollar traders avoid the stocks that go from $2.5 to $3.98 because their not so sexy.
  5. RAD nice uptrend, not sure if I posted a chart, I think it may violate the low price stock rule on this forum (got my hand slapped once) even though it has major volume lately.
  6. Stock, RAD passes the Elite Trader requirements because of the massive volume she does everyday.

    I like your charts, they are impressive how you are able to point out the nuances of price. FFIV has held up greatly since you posted your idea. I think if the Government would have came up with a good Budget, FFIV might be near $99 to $102.

    I like your charting skills, FFIV is powerful and holding it's own. My skills are trading stocks like TSLA, AAPL, GOOG, BIDU, CRM and low priced under $10 heavy volume trades. Elite allow's you to post stocks under $5 if they have huge volume like:

    RAD $5.21 ZNGA $3.84 ALU $3.80 AMD $3.80 ACI $4.1

    SIRI $3.9 SID $4.5

    The daily average volume exceeds Elite's volume requirement because there is no way some group of Boiler Room Bandits are going to manipulate stocks trading 10 to 100 million shares like SIRI often does. RAD trades 30 to 50,000,000 a day.

    Do you ever trade high volume stocks below $10.00? Your Charts are great stuff, I hope you continue posting them for all Elite Trading community to enjoy, take care and have a good weekend!