FFIV $145.76 52 week high on 1/13/11 AH down to $107.60!!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Missed on revenue, stock just falling extremely hard after hours. Some of these high flying stocks didn't deserve such high stock prices!

    F5 Networks, Inc.
    (NasdaqGS: FFIV )

    After Hours: 107.60 Down 31.05 (22.37%) 6:18PM EST
  2. moto
  3. It might not have deserved the price it was at but it does have a very large earnings growth path. Not out of line with many other growth companies. It did miss on revenue but not by much ($268.9 million vs. est of 270.3) They also beat adjusted earnings.

    I think the real pressure came from the forward guidance. $275M-280M vs est of $280M

    I started buying some in after hours looking for a pop tomorrow. It does appear to be overdone in the sell off to me. Especially after listening to the conference call and looking at the numbers in a spreadsheet. I am not going to get married to it but we see over reactions like this all the time. CREE was a good example today. It never traded as low as the close in after hours yesterday after their earnings came out.




  4. Just imagine the person who went long the 125 jan puts for 45 cents a contract today.
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    I was thinking more along the lines about the guy who went short those puts :eek:

  6. Option seller talking to neighbor feeling a bit proud of his new boat he bought being smarter than the market. "Look, I sell these way out of the money options that will NEVER get exercised and I make basically free money"

    "You should take a look at it as its almost impossible to lose".....LOL