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  1. Thats where I made my cash today... and Im holding them overnight ( which I very rarely do) as indicators seem to point to a good opening. Even with that hearty selloff this afternoon.

    Anyone else in them ? Opinions ?

    I found them by consistently refreshing the days percentage gainers looking for the after lunch BO.
  2. Nice catch. This looks like a great momentum play. Super small float. If you look at their revenue performance for 2007 vs their current P/E ratio, its only half, so that means lots more upside for the stock. Do you know if or how much debt and/or cash they have??

    This was a gift at $10.
  3. albi


    I got in at 10.50 by sheer luck without due diligence.
    There's alot of excitement about this ipo. The bit question is whether to hold over the weekend for much more upside or liquidate. I think I'll hold most of my shares.
    Best wishes and happy new year!
  4. Amazing stock. Nothing like chasing a small float up and down for 10% range either way.
  5. Congrats. I grabbed some in pre-market but couldn't stay off the mouse and clicked it away as it was making a run at a new intraday high. With your entry point, you can really let this thing run for sure and see it through.
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    With this kind of trade, it makes me reconsider the ease and less stress of regular trading over index futures. I was away at work all day yesterday to come home and discover my biggest gain all year. Decided to hold on and today of course, it dropped about a third of yesterday's gain. Well, we'll see what the new year brings.
    Missed out on CPSL today.

    peace joy and good trading
  7. Im glad I posted this stock up here.

    I have a longer term position in this because I think its going to do well.

    But today , like some of you, I did some additional trading on those $.30 moves all day. I was like taking candy from a baby timing the tops and bottoms.

    All in all I think FFHL held up pretty well conisdring the troucing the markets took.

    If only more stocks were like this..lol