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    A broker at another firm told me they were sold by their parent company to Advanced Futures. Anyone know whether that is true? The broker claimed they were trying to get out of the retail end of the buisness.
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    I have an acct thru them and it clears with Advantage as of about two months ago. I was given the option of Clearing thru Advantage or Mann, so whether it was a sale or not, don't know.
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    Thanks, do they still have their own platform? Any changes in who you call if you need to get a hold of someone?
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    wouldnt surprise me.

    a friend worked in their london office. he said the company has had more management takeovers than he has fingers - each time came a new 'improved' platform, and the current management know NOTHING about their marketplace.

    they have done very little business and are struggling.

    he deals with the higher end of the market - banks & prop houses, not the retail arm - so it would seem the whole company is doomed (again!).

    everyone wants x-trader from tt, not some unknown platform with a misspelt name.
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  6. yeah, I am almost certain that it has merged with Advantage Futures. I had forgotten about that.