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  1. Anyone here trade with FFastTrade?

    What are your thoughts, especially with regards to platform reliability.

    Current broker gave me a blank screen several times today.
  2. Check out the free trial of their platform here: http://www.register.ffasttrade.com/

    Btw, I haven't heard anything negative about FFastTrade and that in itself is a very good thing in this industry.

  3. I heard you were considering starting a fund, FAST? If you dont charge me management and performance fees, I'll glady invest my entire capital. I would then wont have to deal with worrying about my broker's reliability. Took a gander at your journal and find your trading skills stellar. Something like 0.5pts on the ES today, compounded over the whole yr can spell big CHEE$E. :)
  4. 1.75 pts bro, 1.75! If you decide to use $10K/contract on ES and shoot for 1 ES pt per contract. That's 0.5% return per day. 250 trading days; and lets say you're profitable on 75% of the days...well, it's a decent return on investment. And I'm not starting a FUND...but you can invest in my LLC :D

  5. What are they?

    They say that it is: S&P and NASDAQ MINIS - $3.32 RT, but is it all or is it only in addition to other fees such as exchange fees and NFA fees? I am not sure about it after reading their website. Anyone can advise on this?
  6. I believe the $3.32 is all inclusive. Their fee is $1.00 r/t. $2.32 is the exchange fee. If you really want cheap commissions, you could lease a seat on the CME and still trade thru FFastTrade. I think the commission gets dropped to $1.40 rt or something like that. And I think the Globex fees are capped at $50/day.

  7. Here is the reply:

    The round turns are all inclusive.
    The monthly fee for the lite is $175.
    The monthly fee for the pro is $550.

    We offer 50% margins on exchange set margins. If you trade two
    different exchanges we offer %75 of the 50%
    Now, can someone do a quick math and compare their margins to the IB's? I am a math Ph.D., so I won't lower myself to this level :)D), but since I have already done part of the homework, perhaps someone else will do the rest of it.

    BTW, last time I sent an email to IB with some question, well, it was about two weeks ago. I am still waiting for a reply... No comments.
  8. 50% of exchange set would mean $1K per ES since CME intraday margin req. is $2K per ES.