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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by sys80, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. sys80


    A group of new brokers have recently come out offering emini and miniDow for rt $3.xx. Which is a much lower rate than current IB offer (rt $4.8). And it is a good thing for scalpers.

    I have found only two of them:
    (the latter is a new clearing house, reliable?)

    Unfortunately they charge stiff monthly fees, which makes IB still a favorite, for daytraders who do less than 20rt daily.


    1. Which are the current industry lowest broker for futures trading? (emini, miniDow)
    (please pm me, if you don't want to disclose)

    2. Most futures brokers do not advertise their rates, they will customize rates for new prospective clients. By experience, which brokers are willing to give you lower rates than FfastTrade, after negotiation?

    Thanks for any comment and remark
  2. sys80


    no reply?

    Nobody has experience of futures brokers with cheapest rates for emini?

  3. Foz


    Depending on your volume, IB, Velocity, and FFastTrade are the cheapest. They've already been mentioned. There are no others. That's why you haven't been getting a long thread here.
  4. just21


    Velocityfutures website is very impressive. Is anybody here trading through them? What has been your experience?
  5. Ditch


    I think the rates of FFasttrade are very attractive., didn't know veloc.fut. until now. There's only one thing that keeps me from giving them a try, namely there's no function for bracket trades in their software (correct me if i'm wrong), besides that i really like the interface of NT and BT.
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  7. sys80


    do any of you have experienced lionfutures?
    Will they charge rt 3.90 withouth monthly fee for J-trader?

  8. H2O


  9. These rates are for CME futures only... Anyone know how much they charge for other E-mini's?
  10. Pedro


    I heard many bad things about Velocity..

    And of course keep in mind that some companies charge a platform fee,..
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