FFastTrade VS Global Futures (Daytrade4less)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Nana Trader, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. Let me know why you go for either one:

    FFast trade have 550$ plateform fee, but you will save a lote
    about 2$ on every round contract, when you do anything above 550 contracts in a monthe.

    -Is FFastTrade the cheapest Future broker out there?

    -What is your experiance and benifits from their Pro platform?
    Speed is not much of a issue to me, because i am not trading big volume. I do about 600 contract a monthe only.
    But reliability is what i need.

    -How supportive is their customer service? Any bad experiance?

    Global Futures www.daytrade4less.com :
    - very high leverage for all future markets (500$ Dow &
    CMI E-mini), but i do't need high levearge.

    -Covers more differnet markets than FFast trade. Even orders
    can be placed for Asian and pacific markets with trading desk
    at no extra charge. I might need to trade these markets to have
    more flexibilty for my daily life timing.

    -commisions seems to be higher than FFasttrade if you don't do
    enough volume.

    -Several trading and strategy atuomation platform to select from,
    but all at additional costs. Plus trading systems offered.

    - 24 hour online live support and multi languge customer Rep.

    Let me know what your experiance with any of them and which
    you recommande for reasons?
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    I've been using the FFastrade platform since January. It's a very quick and stable platform. FFasttrade can be less expensive than IB if you do sufficient volume. The customer support is excellent. Although I have not had any problems with the platform that required customer support, I have had questions from time to time. My experience is that the phone is answered by a live person, usually, John or Susan, on either the first or second ring. They can handle anything you need. You don't get put on hold and transferred somewhere else. E-mails I have sent have always been answered the same day.
  3. While we're at it; anyone have experience with Velocity Futures?

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    Depends on the platform you're going to be using.
    If you want to use X-Trader at GFETC than you'll have to pay as well. (It's a charge from Trading Technologies (X-Ttrader))

    If you want no charges you'll have to go with J-Trader but this cannot be compared to X-Trader (or FFasttrading) You get what you pay for.

    If you're scalping I'd suggest to skip J-trader (My opinion)

  5. Your question should denpand on your volume size to
    determine which brokers is right for you? Since speed
    and commsion is more important to volum traders.

    You will be paying average with velocity 0.40$ more
    per side/per contracts than FFasttrade. I can't make
    any comment on speed since i have not traded on
    either X-trader or FFasttrade platsforms

    But i think for beginners with lack of capital whome
    they need more support and featured programs
    Global futures will serve bettter.
  6. Ffasttrade is great if you are doing volume. They charge less overall than just about evryone else, the platform is extremely stable and very fast, and customer service is great. They always pick up the phone immediately every time.

    I have traded large volume with them for 8 months and have no complaints.