ffasttrade velocityfutures or transactfutures

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by GFT, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. GFT


    Dear future traders and forum readers,

    Can someone explain to me which of these 3 has the fastest trading platform?

    Who has experience with on of these firms?

    And which one is the best to choose.

    Looking forward hearing from you!
  2. ET members are not answering these kind of questions
    nowadays that can be answered through search option

    Velocity offer X-trader which might be the fastest and
    most reliable platefrom. It has 550$ monthly charge
    plus extra 250$ for additional exchanges.

    If you are not big volume trader, then go with Ffasttrade
    that platfrom build for scalping, and tried the Demo with
    realtime data for excution, but can say for real trading,
    but so far no complain from ET members that i heard.

    Transcat is new here, and the cheapest, but cant say
    anything about the platefrom because i don't know and
    cheap commision doesn't always count
  3. Please ask your questions later ! :D
  4. Sure they have to come soon, because they pay for
    this site.
    If me and you were in their place, we were sleeping
    here instead of in our bed :p :D
  5. I hope you are fine and finally opened your account with Advanced Futures (?).

  6. i must defend TranAct. 21 proprietary traders using the platform trading up to 100,000 contracts/day says something. Try a free real time simulator and see for yourself. If u like what u see get 1 month with no minimum to trade.
  7. Oldtimer


    I use TransAct and have found it to be VERY fast and reliable. The software is easy to use, but doesn't have spreading capabilities (they tell me this is right around the corner, but I've heard THAT type of talk from brokers before).

    I'm familiar with TT and FastTrade, and I certainly don't think you're giving anything up by using TransAct.

    I like them.

    The pricing doesn't hurt, either.

  8. virgin


    Already possible to manage money for other people

    with Transact ?
  9. Oldtimer


    >>Already possible to manage money for other people

    with Transact ?<<


    No clue. I did email TransAct to ask.

  10. virgin, you can manage money with transact. we have trade allocation.
    #10     May 19, 2004