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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Funster, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. Funster


    I have some questions to ask as a potential new customer of ffastrade.

    I tried emailing chicagosales@ffasttrade.com (got returned with an error) and also my PM to Riskless got denied because his box is full.

    They are pretty generic questions that I could not find answers to on your website so perhaps, Riskless, you could answer them here?

    1. What is the minimum capital requirement to open a trading account with you ?

    2. Do I deal direct with you or do you have a UK office?

    3. Can I ask you to organise transfer of balances from my exisitng US based futures and/or stock broker?

    4. Do either of your platforms, Remote Pro or Remote Lite, have the facility incorporated to link to 3rd party applications in any way, so that I might program my own automated trading system in, say, visual basic?

    5. Please detail any additional costs, if any, in relationship to point 4.


  2. Funster,

    The FFastTrade email address is chicagosales@ffastfill.com.

    Sorry about that! My mail bos is not full, so there may be a problem. My mnemonic is: Risk Less with a space between risk and less.

    Answers are:

    1. $20,000

    2. Directly with the Chicago Office, but 24 hour support andf risk management is provided by the London office.

    3. You can have a transfer done from your broker to Manfinancial/GNI.

    4. At the present time, we do not offer an open API. WE have plans to intorduce this feature later in the year.

    5. Not applicable yet!

    Give us a ring at 1 312 637 7090 if you ahev any more questions.


    Risk Less

  3. Funster


    Thanks for your answers.

    I am particularly interested in automating a number of trades throughout the day with your cheap commissions.

    The problem I find with scalping is the falling asleep between prime set ups and, of course, I want to eliminate that ! :)

    So perhaps you can let me know (or post to elite) the minute you have an open platform solution and I will open an account with you.