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  1. I want to switch from IB to any firm who offers reliable platform with good pricing for emini sp,nq, ym, zb, and zn. I have looked at strategy runner ( manual order entry only) and j trader demos with few futures firms but did'nt like em. I am wondering about ffasttrade. Commision wise they are cheaper than IB and several other firms, but I have not seen their platform (pro version) and I don't have any idea about reliability (specially at the time of news and announcements).

    I would appreciate comments of any user of this platform. What is their margin requirements.
  2. open e cry

    they claimed to be competitive with IB

    at this time I am happy with IB but you might want to take a look at them
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    Check with Fasttrader. He had a problem with Open ecry.
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    Who is trading with ffasttrade? Please contact me by mail!!!!
  5. My problem was handled very professionally and I was very happy with OEC. The last few pages in my journal have all the details.

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    Original post had "minor" problem but I took out the minor as I thought it was my interpretation.
  7. No problem man :D

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    Cool :p
  9. You can contact their rep Nickname "Sioux" S. Cloud .
    She will be in touch with you for all help that you need.

    I believe they are best suited for traders doing 1000-
    2000 contracts a monthe or 3-6 contracts per side.

    Velocity and advance future are not cost effactive for
    traders with above volume, because you will be paying
    extra 250$ for each added exchange beside higher
    commision that charged to lower volume trader.

    I had papertrade with their platform, and seems best
    fitted for scalpers.