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  1. Just wondering what these guys are like for platform stability and overall service quality. I'm particularly interested in trading interest rate spreads (across the entire curve from 3mo to 10yr) on LIFFE and Eurex.

    I understand that they have recently or are in the process of changing clearers so if there are any issues or background info that would be useful, too.

    Don't fancy paying an arm and a leg for J-Trader (!) with my present broker so I thought I'd ask.
  2. Top Notch in all fields !
  3. Do they have an API yet?

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    Any other comments? UK awake yet ? :D
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    I've been with them for about 9 months now. Excellent phone response, rarely down, and if you have a good DSL, lightning fast.
  6. Thanks so far. Anyone here who has *recent* experience of trading spreads with them?
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    Anyone still trading with Ffastfill the last few months, heard they changed clearing firms to Advantage Futures? Still a good firm lately?

    Thanks for any replies...
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    this company changes its management more times than a hooker changes her underwear!!

    a buddy of mine went to an interview (not to trade - but to install & work with sales people as a tech consultant on their platform to investment banks in the uk)

    he said the present management didnt know anything about the industry they are in - all from retail banking and ex govt people - go figure. they were also not interested in the 3 years he had worked on the liffe floor, and said they wanted to avoid hiring ex traders!! go figure. i thought an ex trader would be able to understand customer requirements & demands a lot better.

    currently they are not doing so well selling the platform - so i guess the company stability could be an issue??

    i believe one of the big german banks took over ffastfill some years back - but got shot of it pretty quick.

    cant comment on the technology. never used it. never have.