FF Crashing on Stock Charts Pages.. You too?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. gnome


    Since installing the updated version of Firefox (3.05), I'm getting regular crashes on Stock Charts pages....

    Are you seeing the same?

  2. I've just tried here w/ Firefox 3.05 (after an update from 2.00.19); and it works perfectly with a broad range of charts.

  3. gnome


    I got crashing elsewhere too... unable to restore with Acronis also... my HDD has issues... :>(
  4. gnome


    Followup... ran the problem down to a failed stick of RAM..
  5. ....so maybe it's not a simple software /browser issue with Mozilla.

    Acronis...mhmm..great piece of software for cloning but I always pray not to have to use it for restoring: I've read some bad stories.
  6. gnome


    Acronis is actually great... my problems with it this time and with FF were a result of a stick of RAM gone bad.... nothing more.

    Acronis does several things. For the functions I've used, (Imaging, Restoring Image, Cloning, and Add Disk) it has been 100% reliable for me... can't count the problem this time, as it obviously was a fault of the RAM, not Acronis.

    I recommend Acronis highly, regardless of what others have said.
  7. It's great you isolated the issue! :)
    I will try a restore this weekend; maybe it will be a good exercise on confidence about this feature.
  8. gnome


    Usually by the time you need to use Acronis to restore, it's really necessary and the lesser hassle of alternatives. Fortunately, it also works well.
  9. rc5781


    do you restore from a "secure zone" or do you save the back up on a completely different hard drive?
  10. gnome


    I don't use secure zone. One reason is that if the drive dies, your secure zone can't be accessed.

    I make images to an external hard drive.

    I once had an external hard drive go bad.. not the drive itself, but the box's electronics.

    I got an external drive enclosure and was able to mount the drive in it and all was OK.

    But I got to thinking... if the drive had gone bad, I'd have lost all of my backup images. That's not really crucial, because you can just get another drive and make new images of the current setup. However, older images would be lost.

    As for older images, I start with a "base" image... WinXP, many setup changes and a few registry tweaks, MS Office, MetaStock, and a few other programs I plan to always have.

    So as to reduce the chance of losing base images, I've taken to making an additional copy of them onto a second drive. I'm using 32G flash drive, but one could also use an additional hard drive.

    When it comes to backups, you always hope you have enough of them. One is better than none. Two, better still. I've had situations where I THOUGHT my backups were OK only to find out there was an unknown problem with some of them... hence now having more than one backup.
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