Fewer Postings after Website Redesign ?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by wirelessbull, Nov 11, 2001.

  1. It seems to me fewer people are posting since the Elite Trader website redesign. There was more active dialogue previously. Is my observation correct ? If so - what's the reason ?

    I don't associate quantity with quality and I really like the redesign. Perhaps it just takes time for folks to get used to the changes.
  2. PKJR


    I have to say that the new design does not come 'handy' for me..i liked the previous much better..
  3. Magna

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    My sense is just the opposite (and may have nothing to do with the recent redesign of the site). Postings seem to have accelerated, with many folks just starting out in the last month or so already having 100-200 posts, some even more! As to the new design I'm getting used to it and can work with it about as effectively as the previous design.
  4. Magna - that's interesting. How did you determine that posting has accelerated (i.e. many folks starting out last month already having 100/200+ posts) ? Is there a way to view where the greatest activity is taking place ? Perhaps there are multiple posts under a few select threads.

    I'm obviously reading things incorrectly. Anyways, that's good news.
  5. 'I'm obviously reading things incorrectly. "

    I'm not so sure. I've also had the feeling that there are less posts. Is there any record of daily posts? I would imagine that posting is cyclic. Maybe we need a historical volatility study of posts.:D
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    Comparing the first week in October (old homepage) vs. the first week in November (new homepage), the number of new posts increased 16% since the redesign. However, I can't say for certain that the increase is a direct result of the redesign since the traffic has been steadily increasing all year anyway. We were doing around 500 posts per month in January of this year, and since then we've worked our way up to 3900 posts per month.
  7. Magna

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    Thanks for the stats Baron, thought things were accelerating. Wow -- a 680% increase in monthly postings in less than a year! Amazing.
  8. Baron - I guess the one weakness in the redesign is that it's difficult for folks to see where the hotbed of activity is. That's one advantage the old site had over the new. It was very easy to gauge the activity by seeing a thread - regardless of which forum it was posted under - move up or down on the homepage. It would be great if you would put up such a link on your redesigned website.

    Regardless, those are impressive stats Baron. Elite Trader may be the premier traders discussion website in cyberspace and getting even better.
  9. Grabbit


    One other solution might be to give more preview thread titles on the home page for the more active forums. That would be "Trading" and "Direct Access" I believe.

    Or maybe you could bake some Magic Cookie, that would make it fully customizable...
  10. Rigel


    I'd like to have the history file back, if you still have it. Lots of good stuff in it.
    #10     Nov 13, 2001