Fewer People Identify As Republicans Than Ever Before In Post Poll

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  1. not looking good for repubs in next election:

    Fewer People Identify As Republicans Than Ever Before In Post Poll

    Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/20/fewer-people-identify-as_n_326971.html

    Reporting on the new ABC/Washington Post poll has mostly focused on support for a public health care option. But the poll also shows that, while Republicans have succeeded in stonewalling Democratic initiatives in Congress, they have not managed to rebuild their party.

    Only 20 percent of respondents identified themselves as Republicans -- the lowest number since the paper starting asking the question in 1983.

    "These numbers, coming roughly one year before the 2010 midterm elections, show that any celebration on the GOP's behalf is premature as the party has yet to convince most voters that it can be a viable alternative to Democratic control in Washington today," wrote Chris Cillizza.

    George Stephanopoulos adds:

    Only 19% trust Republicans in Congress to make the right decisions for the country's future -- compared to 49% trust in Obama. In addition, President Obama outpaces his fellow Democrats on the Hill -- by 15 points -- in this measure, providing some ammunition to the perpetual White House argument to Democratic members that their political success is inextricably linked to the president's. And unlike other recent polls, ABC-Post give Democrats a 51-39 edge in the generic Congressional ballot.

    Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/20/fewer-people-identify-as_n_326971.html
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    Huff and Puff Post?

    They're the National Enquirer of politics.

    Got anything better?

    (I'm going to run and get some tissues just in case you do)
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    Only marginally better than Huff and Puff.

    And don't you mean try growing brain cells?

    "The brain stem provides the main motor and sensory innervation to the face and neck via the cranial nerves."

    I may not be a truly deep, gifted and independent thinker like you, but I do have basic motor skills.
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    I see your fellow travelers posting stuff from newsmax, drudge, etc. all the time.

    We can all stand around and waste time by attacking sources we don't like or we can deal with the content of the message.

    So if you have something valid to contradict the OP, let's hear it. But saying "I don't like your source" is a very weak argument. Unless you have some actual evidence that a source is significantly more likely to be wrong than to be right. And even then, unless a source is always wrong, you still have to deal with the specific OP.
  5. If I conduct a poll, and poll 90% democrats, I bet I can get the same results.
  6. i guess if it makes you comfortable to attack the messenger and ignore the message its better for the other side. maybe republicans should look inward and determine why they are so out of touch:
    Republicans adding few new voters in Nevada
    Carson City — This was a summer of discontent for Democrats as they lost control of the health care debate, the economy continued to founder and their approval ratings slipped, both in Nevada and nationally.

    But Democrats’ troubles haven’t brought a surge of new voters for Nevada’s GOP.

    Republicans have added just 1,549 voters since February, when the secretary of state’s office cleaned up voter registration rolls.

    Democrats, meanwhile, added 4,860 and nonpartisan registration grew by 3,783. Even the hard-right Independent American Party registered more Nevada voters in that span than Republicans.

    “Coming in fourth? Ouch,” said Erik Herzik, a professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Reno, and a registered Republican.
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    Gee, a party pisses on its base for years (massive new government, tries to pass amnesty for illegals, cronies and liberals for the Supreme Court, and more things than I care to remember), puts up a nominee who was seriously considering changing parties then wonders if they should move even further left - and the base starts to pull away?

    Wow. What a shocker.

    And somebody had to do a survey to show this? How about one to see if most people like ice cream? And what percentage of the population is breathing?
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    So if I do a search of YOUR posts, I won't find any that poo poo on the source?
  9. Here is a present for you, vhehn. Perhaps this is why the White House has directed ABC and the Washington Post to survey their base.

    The October Rasmussen Trust numbers. (Ten for ten)
    Tuesday, October 20th at 12:13PM EDT

    "Rasmussen hasn’t written the article yet - but they put the new numbers on their BY THE NUMBERS page. And it’s not pretty for Democrats:

    October 2009
    • Issue Dem GOP Diff
      Health Care 40% 46% (6)
      Education 38% 43% (5)
      Social Security 37% 45% (8)
      Abortion 35% 47% (12)
      Economy 35% 49% (14)
      Taxes 35% 50% (15)
      Iraq 31% 50% (19)
      Nat’l Security 31% 54% (23)
      Gov’t Ethics 29% 33% (4)
      Immigration 33% 40% (7)

    September 2009
    • Issue Dem GOP Diff Shift
      Health Care 44% 44% - (6)
      Education 45% 40% 5 (10)
      Social Security 43% 41% 2 (10)
      Abortion 37% 44% (7) (5)
      Economy 39% 47% (8) (6)
      Taxes 40% 48% (8) (7)
      Iraq 37% 47% (10) (9)
      Nat’l Security 39% 51% (12) (11)
      Gov’t Ethics 34% 35% (1) (3)
      Immigration 33% 45% (12) 5

    Note the dives on… everything, really, except immigration issues: the GOP increased its lead in 9 out of 10 categories since last month. But particularly note the Health Care, Social Security, Economy, and Taxes numbers. Does the Democratic Party feel like demonizing their opponents on health care rationing some more? - because I think that the GOP can somehow manage to find the strength to keep bearing up under the Democrats’ scorn."
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