Few charts to stimulate the brain

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  1. http://bit.ly/budrlj [Foreign direct investment, net inflows]

    http://bit.ly/bkZd05 [Military Exp.]

    http://bit.ly/9pQBwd [Imports]

    http://bit.ly/b0hS8F [Exports]

    http://bit.ly/bPqR4O [GDP per capita]

    http://bit.ly/c3Bxxl [Industry value added % of GDP]

    http://bit.ly/cHYHfL [Taxes revenue]

    http://bit.ly/bvf63D [Federal deficit % of GDP]

    If we decrease the military spending and increase the taxation to the lever of Germany there will be no deficit.

    Note that most years the Federal deficit % of GDP is way below 10%. In those years we can have been been paying the debt.

    If we can pay 10% of the debt per year it will be paid in full in X years. (Help me out there).

    As the GDP grows this will even become easer.

    Another interesting data is that US gets over 300B in foreign investment per year. I don't think that all of it should be considered a bad debt. There is something to be said that US act as a bank. It gets deposits for low interest pay back and then HOPEFULLY invest the funds in ventures that bring higher % of pay back. The US keeps the difference as a profit like any normal bank will do.
  2. wow, the 'Industry value added % of GDP' and 'GDP per capita' are quite telling, tho
    surprising they're going in opposite directions