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    "I am an expert commodities trader and I have done investing on an expert level since about 1960."


    If that is true it shouldn't be too hard to provide some sort of track record..

    something.. anything

    Almost half a century and the only thing anyone can find on you is a 26% loss in a trading contest in 2002???
  2. Thanks again guys.

    For all those folks who would have never looked into reading the Journal, I thank you for the best salesmanship ever seen on these boards. You've driven more people to the thread than anything Jack has ever posted. Could you start a few more Jack / Spydertrader bashing threads tonight? I'd certainly appreciate the effort.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    - Spydertrader
  3. What about posting at a rate of 100 posts a day about the same old bullshit again and again? Does that give you away?

    :confused: :confused:
  4. Antichrist...what a scary name. Bend over and bark like a dog; you can be my tailsman.
  5. No, in your case the operative is tailsman.

    I'm not here in defense of anyone, I'm here to be entertained by you.

    Amuse me human.
  6. Really? No other possibilities? Your predisposed to incorrect choice. I trust your trading doesn't reflect this mindset.
  7. I think a simple question was asked this time Spyder......
    Why is it that Jack won't post any results?? If more people are"being driven" to your thread then thats due to
    the lack of any other competent education here on ET and because you have done so much work on it then you're to be commended. however...it is then reasonable to assume that the people flocking to your thread are relative newbies who don't know how to trade or desperate traders who have failed at their own methods.

    That said, I would think they are taking a risk running to your thread in that the reason (as you observed and stated) is that publicity provided by the nay -sayers of ET is doing so.

    So don't you owe it to these sheep to provide some sort of proof of success? drivel and chart drawing is nice but Jack (or someone) needs to back up what they do. If they can't (or won't) it's a reasonable assumption that it's all smoke and mirrors, and I would gather that after all the time you have spent on it, you know this but it would put so much egg on your face that you just stay and keep coloring your charts with the crayons Jack provides.

    What a waste!


    ImO if Hershey was to manage OPM using SCT or whatever other method of choice it would be a sensible and a wise thing to do, as a client, to request past performance data. As Hershey & Spyder simply give it away for no charge, then again ImO they do not have to show anybody anything. It's up to an individual to backtest, papertest and live test their method and come up with their own conclusions. If it was a strictly mechanical method then you could backtest it to come up with your own data, but, as I am sure with many other methods out there, there is a certain degree of discretion used.

    Stop whining and move on, you Australian biyayatch!


    I have no need for his records, reading his vast long posts has made me think that his method/s is/are not very straightforward, that there is always one algo canceling another one, which would not suit my personality. I like to keep things simple and get results relatively quickly. Again, he doesn't have to show anybody anything, it's up to you to establish whether it works or doesn't and if it doesn't THEN challenge him and ask WHY it hasn't worked. But again, going back to Jack's lengthy posts, I would expect he would tell you that you made a mistake because etc etc etc.

    But unless you are to trade using Hershey methodology, there is no benefit to be derived from seing his past results, is there? And if there is no benefit, then there is no purpose.
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    Your thread is in decline. Infighting has started. People go there for the same reason they slow down to gawk at a car crash.
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