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    Hey does anyone know of a fertilzer/ag chem ETF or sector holder? I've done some looking around and couldn't find one that exists...
  2. I hear that the fertilizer etf is ful of shit stocks
  3. MOO
  4. Your best bet is probably MOO.
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    Thanks i've heard of that but was wondering what else was out there..
  6. UYM -- 200% long basic materials. Not completely fert stocks but they're included
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    I see MON has heavy inclusion in both, the street just loves this company.
  8. Any ETF that isnt a short EFT is automatically a fertilizer ETF in this market.
  9. Fertilizer stocks are shit....literally made of dung.
  10. I have a background in ag as an agronomist, and had a recent career selling GIS (geographic information systems), GPS and Remote Sensing (satellite imagery) to the worldwide ag community. Agribusiness is a very different industry in that there still remains many privately held firms. Cargill, Bunge and Louis Dreyfuss are still family owned and were founded in the 1800s and you cannot buy stock in them, yet they own substantial fertilizer businesses. ADM is publically traded, and many fertilizer corporations are Canadian. You might go to www.ppi-ppic.org PPI, the potash and phosphate institute. All the major fertilizer manufacturers fund this research organization.

    I expect to see a dramatic reduction in farmers income relative to the grains price decline and this will be reflected in the fertilizer industry's revenue next spring.
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