Ferrera 2012 Forecast

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  1. It´s legal to share within reasonable limits according to copyright laws. So let´s say 20-30 people can join. 7 so far.

    His work is considered to be the best of the best when it comes to forecasting and cycles.

    In them he usually also explains and teach how he does it.
  2. Sorry for asking but are you crazy, insane or just a little stupid? :p

    The forecast for $10-15 is silly.
    It´s highly valuable. Only 12 people so far but that´s ok.

    He usually explains and also have a very long forecast decades forwards. As far as i know he has proven to be very good at what he does.

    Btw..Cycles is what drives markets. This is the DNA. Not just in markets though but probably in the rest of the universe as well.
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    I´m in! Have sent you a mail.
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    Yeah, I would like to know his last 3 years' results (of predictions) just to establish credibility.
  5. The 2008 version is free on the sacredscience site.
  6. Count me in to. Don´t mind paying a larger part in case there won´t be 30 people.
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    Fuck that. So one has to pay just to see his record?? By the way once I saw the Gann and Bradley cycles and that he has a 25 years prediction I got to know everything I was curious about....

    For the curious:


    He did get right that the year will go down, but missed the size of the downturn:

    "the original cyclic model indicates that the end of the year should be around 1250 to 1240 price levels on the S&P500."

    We closed at 900.....

  8. Had not read that yet. Quite a miss as for price.
    The 2010 one is out there for free. Have not read that yet either.
    Hope this link works:
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