Ferrari Enzo horror

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Waterloo, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. wow. Look at the car. Where's the back half? I bet the other 399 owners are celebrating.

    It was a rare and exotic animal: a Ferrari Enzo, one of just 400 ever brought forth into this world. When you saw this thing coming, you didn't look away. If you wanted to own it, it cost you a cool $1 mil -- and it could earn you a whole lot of buzz.

    Last week, Swedish millionaire Stefan Ericksson slipped behind the wheel of his Enzo with, he says, a German named "Dietrich." They took the vehicle out on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway. And they let that baby run.

    The car, that fierce, beautiful creature, hit speeds of 162 mph; it was practically airborne. It crested the hill, neared a power pole, and perhaps then, or perhaps never, did its driver spot the bump in the road.

    Now we have just 399 Ferrari Enzos left idling in existence. "Dietrich," if he exists at all, has run off into the hills. Ericksson, a former Gizmondo exec, is nursing a bruised lip behind the gates of his Bel-Air mansion and claiming that he remembers nothing. And a slew of searches are roaring at unseen speeds up the Buzz.

    From "ferrari" to "enzo ferrari" to "enzo crash," from "stefan ericksson" to "gizmondo" to "malibu," the searches just keep rolling in. As police investigate a gun magazine found near the wreck, Scotland Yard gets involved, and reporters mutter "plot thickens," we're watching for more buzz to come down the road.