feng Shui tips for daytraders

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  1. Any good feng shui tips for traders? Here are a few I found.

    1). Always sit with a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support in your life, never sit with a window behind you.

    2. If you wish to be the leader in your industry, place a Dragon on the right hand side of your desk facing towards the window or the door. The Dragon can also look into your water fountain. A Dragon always chases after a pearl, thus the window; water fountain can signify the pearl

    3. you should try not to chose a room with two doors, because the ch’I will go into that room and out the other door.

    4. Do not place an empty vase next to the main door, as the new chi once it enters your office will be sucked into the vase causing nothing much left for the environment.

    5. Place an indoor fountain in your wealth corner, to activate ch’i. These also have medical benefits. (I wonder what a wealth corner is? On top of our computers?).

    I thought they were interesting. Somebody should make a Feng Shui DVD for traders.
  2. 8 goldfish in a bowl
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    What about plants in the room?
  4. 1 capsicum spray for the neighbours dog.....slightly to the right for easy reach

    2 a photo of JFK should be to the right and down .......to the right and down

    3 a copy of the little red book by Mao behind on the second shelf of the book rack which needs to be made of hindu oak with a goats skin backing

    4 any kind of scripture for visiting clergy

    5 any kind of alcohol for visiting clergy

    6 any kind of ammunition against visiting clergy

    7 green tea

    8 pamela anderson pic (circa 88-93)

    9 strictly no New York Times articles (trading should be an opinion free zone......cept for my own )

    10 quick-brew coffee machine

    11 slow-brew coffee machine

    12 large mugs for both machines

    13 cow (usually kept in the living room) with orange horns

    14 ginko biloba for a couple of things; to improve short term memory and I forget what the other thing is......you saw that one comming didnt you......what ya mean I aint taking this thing seriously........my markets just closed and the Euros arent open for another hour and some........

    15 oh, yes, nasal hair spray.....very handy in case the capsicum spray runs out......
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    Heaven forbid you should forget the most important Feng Shui Prosperity Frog! Mean demonic looking little guys.

    Somebody sent me this link a few days ago - hope it helps. Let the harmonizing process begin :D

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    That's the best post I've read here for a long, long time. :D
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    write number 8 on piece of paper and put it in your wallet.

    btw, Trump is known to employ the service of Feng Shui expert in building his empire.
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    do not face a wall

    do not face a pillar

    no sharp objects hanging from above

    no dry flowers

    do not boil water in the room
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    It’s called Lucky (or Fortune) Plant :)
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