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  2. Pretty funny. Todd H. has too much class to ever publically trash Cramer, but I wonder what really happened between the two? It must gall the hell outa Cramu that former and current TSC writers like Fleck, Dwyer, Roque and Kass got to sign the thing.

    Maybe Toddo got tired of dodging keyboards and putting stickies on his forehead?
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    Hey, while where here...who are the guitar players on the forum? Got about 10 now myself and a small 18 track digital studio and gear.

    As many players who record try to do, I am working on owning something from every major catagory to I can get the sound I wish when I wish. Even got a mandolin on order from a Luthier in Oregon and will pick up a banjo soon.

    My most recent purchase was a custom built archtop from a Luthier in Philly. Lovely and fragile -- hate to play it it's so pretty.

    Got a Parker, vintage Tele, assortment of Taylors, an Alembic bass and a couple of all graphite guitars that are my traveling companions about 200k miles a year.

    Anyone else?

  4. wow.....great collection Turok!

    I have had too many guitars to accurately remember. But presently, I have a Fender Strat Ultra (gorgeous matchbook translucent red) which is almost too easy to play, a Rosewood Telecaster (re-issue), and an Ibanez RG 270 with a Floyd Rose (type) bridge.

    I have an undesignated POS steelstring Harmony acoustic, and an old Gibson Classical (not sure of the model...the paper label fell out years ago....It was my dad's).

    I have the first amp I ever owned (from when I was 12, about a hundred years ago)...A 3 watt Gibson Skylark I still use. It has the original Westinghouse tube (maybe worth more than the amp..LOL). Sounds great!!!! (very low levels).

    I have a tube Fender Champ 12 I got in a pawn shop years ago. Sounds incredible still (the "Layla" amp), and a more recent (about 1995) Blues de Ville 410 (a rare re-issue with 4 x 10 inch blue alnico speakers) which is too loud to play anywhere. But looks very cool. And nobs that turn to 12!!!!

    The amp I DO take with me on the rare (and getting rarer) occasions I jam with the "boys" is a solid state Peavy 112 which has an amazingly warm tone for a transistor unit. (and, unlike the De Ville, I can lift it).

    Fun effects...Dunlop Wah Wha, (Crybaby 535), a Zoom Fire 700 effects processor, and missing but somewhere in the house, is a distortion pedal I haven't seen in so long I can't remember if it's an Ibanez, Boss, or what. (It's green).

    Rock on,
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    Nice RS.

    I lean towards the accoustic side with my collection (even have an accoustic bass) but am amp savy enough to know those are some nice vintage models you have there.

    I've spent most of my amp time on a Jazz Chorus 120 though recently I just plug into my PODxt and rock out to whatever vintage or modern sound I want. Sure has made life on the road easier.

    Other than the custom Victor Baker electric that is scheduled for delivery in December my next guitar will most likely be a National. Gotta have a resonator in the collection. After that it will be hard to have a catagory I don't have covered. (well, other than the Ricky 12 string)

  6. Had a Martin 12 string for about a year (got in a trade for the Gibson nylon, then traded back) but my fingers didn't like it:) (Long ago). What was amazing was my girlfriend who's hands were half the size of mine played it like it was a kid's guitar. After I met her, I knew I'd never be a musician. Just another mediocre guitar player.

    Everyone wants something. I recently sold a Gibson Nighthawk. Never had a real Les Paul (too heavy for my liking...but the rosewood tele is probably close in weight). But the one guitar I always wanted and never had is the Gibson ES 330 (like BB King's). See lot's of re-issues around (I think they are mostly Harmony even though they say "Gibson" on the head).

    And of course, like all electric guys of my era, I should have (but wouldn't know what to do with it) a Gibson EDS double neck, like Page played. LOL. Well I could mount it on my wall and put a frame around it.

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    I have a Taylor Limited Edition 12 string jumbo in California Walnut that I love. The Ricky just has a Beatles, Birds, Petty sound like no other though.

  8. I lean towards Bluegrass. I have a Gibson Mastertone 5-string banjo and an older Ovation (American - Legend, I think) acoustic. Hey, good enuf for Glen Campbell!

    I also goof around with a funky DanElectro re-issue (has the "lipstick" pickups) and an old Jap Epiphone. I need to take playing more seriously and get some decent equipment. I kind of like Carvin and they have a plant in So Cal. One of these dayz...
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    My current mandolin order and soon enough banjo order are to facilitate my learning more in the bluegrass vein. Love the Dan Fogelberg album that he did in the mid eighties with Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs, Grissom and others. That really was my first introduction to Bluegrass and I have wanted to learn more ever since.

    Some awesome players in the genre.

  10. Scruggs-style 3-finger takes some work and lots of "rolling." But learn it and you will forever be happy!

    Fingering and cording a banjo is easy tho, with that slim neck. But cranking out an uptempo flatpick tune ala Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Steve Kaufman, et al, up and down the neck of a steel string accoustic...whew!

    Mandos are sweet, but a finger killer! I've only fooled around with one a little and I have a yard sale fiddle I need to practice on. And yup, I would like to learn to play a resonator too. Not enuf time!
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